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As a mom of three, I definitely am not perfect when it comes to parenting. Some days I feel like I could get a "Mom Of The Year Medal" and then next I feel like I'm in absolute last place. One thing I've always felt like I've done right though is giving my kids their freedom. I'm not saying I'm any sort of expert, but I thought if I could give one mama peace-of-mind I would! Especially with filming and the show, it's been hard to balance (every time I am home I want to squeeze them and keep them with me forever), but I've always thought it was important to give your kids freedom to make their own decisions from a young age!

When I was younger, my mom let me dress myself as a kid. Looking back, I wore some PRETTY bad outfits. She would take me out in public and and didn’t care if I looked like a fool. I think little freedoms like that instilled creativity and confidence in my decisions from the very beginning. I'm not saying it should be a free-for-all around the house, but I think it's super important for my kids to not rely on me for every choice they make. 

One thing I feel like has made a huge difference is remembering not to make any big reactions to mistakes that come about from their decisions. Kids are kids!! They're going to make mistakes, but the important thing to remember is that everything is an opportunity for a learning lesson. For example, if they see you blow up over a small mistake they made, they'll mimic your responses in other situations. It's important to stay calm, even if you do want to scream the moment you see the huge mess they made downstairs (that one is never easy!).

Another aspect of parenting I've found to be very important is to not become the "bulldozing parent". This nickname is used for parents who try to knock down every single obstacle that could get in your child's way before it happens. As a parent, I TOTALLY get it. I wish I could fight every battle for my boys, especially when someone is being mean to them at school. I've realized it is SO important to make sure my boys go through obstacles of their own, but that doesn't mean I don't talk it through with them to help them solve the problem. Whether it's bullies, homework or a fight with their brother -- let them fight their own battles! When they're older, they'll realize how much they value your advice but will love that they ultimately get to make the decision for themselves. 

Letting go is hard, but watching them soar is unlike anything else! We mommas have to stick together, so let me know if my perspective on parenting is something y'all would like to hear more about! As always, leave a comment on our socials and let me know.

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