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To New Beginnings: Meg & Joe Life Update

It's been a while since I've sat down and wrote a life update! With the holidays and the new year, this past month has just completely flown by. Lots of fun and exciting things with MegMade that we'll be able to announce soon & lots going on with our family! 

Here's a little update on what the Piercy crew has been up to lately: 

Joe and I took the boys to Orlando and Fort Meyers for 10 days and ya know when people tell you that you need a vacation from your vacation? Well you feel that the most when you try to take three boys to theme parks. We ended up checking out Universal this time instead of Disney and the kids had an absolute blast. We were in Orlando for a few days and then hopped on over to Fort Meyers to spend a few days at the beach. Especially now that filming is slowing down, it was really nice to get some quality time with my boys and just take a week off! 

It's the new year and this year is going to be a lot of changes for Joe and I as well as for the store. I've never been huge on new years resolutions, but this year we really want to get back into feeling our best health wise. For Christmas, Joe and I got each other the Peleton Tred. We already had the Peleton Bike and the membership, so we just got the tredmill last week. So far we absolutely love it! It feels good to get back into a routine again now that we don't have 16 houses to renovate!! 

If you didn't see our post from last week, my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last weekend. Seeing my parents' love over the years has been such an influence on how I always viewed marriage. It's the reason I never settled, and I'm so grateful I was able to have that as an example as I was growing up. We made them a montage of videos from all their favorite people wishing them a happy anniversary and they absolutely loved it! It was such a special surprise for them to see all the people they love celebrate their love. 

As far as MegMade goes, there are so many amazing things in the works that I can't wait to share with you soon. I feel like I've had to say this so many times, but stay tuned!! Yesterday we were were on ABC7 to talk about MegMade's story and how to DIY your furniture with our MegMade Furniture paint, which was so fun! If you didn't see it, check out our Instagram story highlights. We're going to be on WGN and FOX within the next few weeks too! It's been awesome to start the new year off strong and really get excited for what this next year is going to bring with the show and MegMade. I'll update you all as much as I can throughout this crazy process -- Joe and I don't know what to expect! 

Other than that, life has been a blessing. I know I've probably said this a million times, but Joe and I are just so grateful to have such amazing people behind us ready to come along for the ride we're about to embark on. There are going to be a ton of challenges and obstacles along the way, but there will be even more opportunities for growth, laughs and amazing things to come along the way too. I'm just excited to be present and share it with you all! 

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