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For so many people, your home office is going to continue to be the place where you spend most of your day - so let's make sure it fits your style and priorities! The trick is to make it a space where you're able to balance the feeling of comfort from your own home with the focus of a company office. Not to mention, we're always looking for efficient and affordable ways to get the job done! Creating and/or updating your home office may seem like a big job, but there are so many small and affordable tweaks that can be done as a "weekend project"!

Here are a few tips and tricks to update your home office along with some inspo photos to help get some ideas flowing:

Refresh Your Walls 


 Source: MegMade Instagram

If you're looking for a quick refresh, adding a few coats of paint can make a world of a difference! I love going with dark colors in an office, the moody and mature tones keep me focused - but choose a fun color that works for you! Sometimes all you need is a color revamp to make the space feel brand new again. My biggest office inspirations lately have definitely been to create custom built-ins to really maximize the space. This may sound expensive, but it's really not! Find some cheap cabinets, some wood for shelving, and a weekend to create it & you're golden! From there, I love the look of painting the office walls and built-ins all one color. It's what we ended up doing in my home office!! Stay tuned for photos!

Revamp Your Old Desk 

Source: W Design Collective Instagram

In order to make your space more visually appealing, create a focal point by DIYing your old desk. I love good wood grains in a home office. Especially if you go with a fun color on the walls, it really makes a vintage desk pop. If you have an old desk, it's super quick and easy to restain yourself just to get all scratches and watermarks out. If you're not a DIYer - don't worry - we've got you covered! See all of our customization options HERE

Get Rid Of The Junk 


Source: Natalia Miyar Instagram

The first step to creating a curated look is to get rid of the unneeded clutter. Take things out that you don't use or don't belong in the space one weekend and watch your space completely transform before your eyes. We want to make sure everything that's in the office is meant to keep you focused. I believe it's best to make sure each room has its purpose, so it's important not to mix them. Trust me, I know that random stuff just happens to pile up in a house, especially if you have kids. Take this opportunity to go through your things and click reset - you'll be so happy you did!

Create a system 


Once you get rid of the clutter, create a system to keep it clean! I'm usually bad at keeping drawers organized, but if I create a system where everything has a place, I'm better sticking to it. Now, that definitely doesn't mean you have to get too specific. Even just knowing which drawer things are in and continuing to keep those same supplies in that space will help to never have to spend twenty minutes looking for the packing tape (yes, I've done this multiple times). 

Switch Out Your Desk Accessories

Source: Ellie Mroz Design Instagram 

In order to create an overall look, add decor and supplies to your desk that fits your style! Spaces like offices are always fun when they feel more personal. Plus - who doesn't love to buy cool notebooks and pens?! At least for me, curating my supplies motivates me to work when I otherwise don't feel in the mood to focus. The right decor always completes a space, but don't feel like you have to spend a ton of money! Take old decor from other parts of your house, or shop around until you find some decor you like that doesn't break the bank. 

Let In The Light


Source: Michaelis Boyd Instagram

Natural light boosts your mood and motivates the body to be productive. If you're looking to completely transform a room into an office over the weekend, I love choosing front facing rooms with tons of natural light. Natural light is such a game changer, and doesn't cost a penny! 

Create An Office Nook

Source: Manorandwoods Instagram

Since we are spending so much time in our home offices, I do think it's important to have a space that doubles as a place to relax while still being in work mode. That can mean adding a chair and a gallery wall in one corner of your office or whatever you think would work for you! Sometimes your brain needs a break, but going and sitting on your couch in the family room makes it way too difficult to get back to work. Creating a type of "reading nook" but for the office allows you to stay in your designated "work" area while still being able to take that mental break that you're looking for. You can usually create this space with other accessories you have around your house already! 

Rearrange Current Furniture 


Source: Kinandkasa Design Instagram

Sometimes all your room needs is some new decor and a rearrangement of your current furniture to give it a whole new look! I always recommend facing your desk either towards the natural light (like a window) or towards your doors (I do this so I can keep an eye on my crazy kiddos). 

Organize Your Cables

Source: Emily Henderson Instagram

Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference. I don't know about you, but seeing a ton of cables around makes me feel disorganized and cluttered. Sometimes the trick to creating a put together space is spending the extra money to put the final touches on it. Buy a cable organizing box to get rid of the cord eye-sore that comes along with lamps, computers, etc. and see how much it truly elevates your space! 

Add Greenery

Source: W Design Collective Instagram

Did you know that nature boosts creativity? As always, I love adding any type of greenery to bring some life into a space. This can be done through floor plants, flowers, whatever you gravitate towards! Go to your local thrift store and find some cute planters or vases to put your plants in. That also works for frames or other accessories - sometimes they have better vintage pieces than what you could get at any store!

We hope these tips and tricks helped you to create an amazing work from home space! As always, we would love to see how your home office turned out! Tag us in your before and after photos on Facebook and Instagram @Megmade. 

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