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Choosing the right kind of furniture for your home is a big decision! For many families, your furniture may travel with you from home to home and be the place where a ton of memories are made over the years. That means you're going to want to really weigh all your options before landing on your winner! 

Here are some of my favorite choices when it comes to choosing upholstery fabric: 


Crypton is usually what we recommend for kid and pet friendly places. Trust me, I get that kiddos are hard on furniture. I've had a few buttery toast hands on my couch throughout the years! 

We always trust Crypton because it's stain and odor resistant, which means any juice spills will roll right off. The fabric is also made without harmful chemicals, making it perfect for a family friendly household! 


I love going with linen fabric, especially in a bedroom. It's light and airy feel is the perfect choice when you're wanting to make your space feel comforting and breathable. Although linens aren't as stain resistant as crypton, I would still recommend them for areas like: headboards, ottomans and chairs not commonly used by the kiddos! 

If you love the look of linen but need the durability of crypton, performance linen might just come in and save the day. It's perfect for high traffic areas that still need the relaxed look of a linen fabric. 


In my opinion, you can never go wrong with leather! It's great for family friendly spaces because it's meant to be worn down a little with scuffs and natural scratches. Most of the time you can pretty much buff out any scuffs with your fingers too! Food and drink spills roll right off, so its durability is perfect for high traffic areas. 


If you've seen my house or the showroom floor, you know I love a good velvet. What you may not know is that they're surprisingly durable, too! If you're looking for an elevated fabric but think you can't have one with kids and pets -- look no further! Velvet is great at hiding imperfections and the perfect choice to add that extra bit of color and texture to a space. 


Pattern and color on upholstery fabric is an amazing way to add interest, especially if you're working with more neutral walls and other furniture. I usually recommend smaller patterns on upholstery like chairs, benches, ottomans and throw pillows. As for couches, larger patterns usually translate best. As far as pattern type, that totally depends on your family's personality and style! Are you more of an animal print? Geometric? Floral? The options are endless!!


Now to my favorite subject: COLOR! Choosing a color for your upholstery fabric is perfect for adding that extra pop throughout your space. Whether it's a green velvet, a navy crypton or even a yellow printed cheetah print, color makes a difference in each space and makes the room feel alive. Some people that come in think choosing neutral colors will last longer in their design style, but when you choose colors and patterns that match the personality of your family and style your choice will be completely timeless in your household. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog that I put together to help you make your decision easier next time you're making your choice on upholstery fabrics. I would love to see what you chose! If you have upholstery from MegMade or even just have your favorite upholstery fabric, tag us on Instagram or Facebook @MegMade. 

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