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With summer in full swing, I feel like now is the time to tackle some of those projects you may have been putting off (don't worry, Joe and I do it too!). We have a ton of clients who come in that just bought a house and have no clue where to start to make it right for their family. DIYing can save some serious $$$ - plus it's a fun way to make your home feel uniquely you! Here are 10 ideas of how to DIY your home: 

Paint a piece

Have a piece that's been passed down in your family or a piece you had in your old home that could work in your next space? Give it a revamp by painting it with some DIY paint! Painting a piece can give it a new life, and it's a fun process, too! 

Here at MegMade, we have our own line of paint that doesn't require any sanding, just clean, paint and seal! I'll link a few of our favorites below: 

Get around to that reupholstery project

Find fabric that you love and give those dining chairs, that bench or whatever your heart desires a makeover by recovering the upholstery and breathing some new life into it! Find a piece that needs some help, pick a fun, new fabric and get to work! 

try your hand at staining

I love a painted piece, but staining a piece can give your space that pop that it needs! If that's the case in your home, try your hand at staining! Staining is a great way to restore the wood while still keeping the unique characteristics of vintage pieces shining through. 

I have a video on Youtube that walks you through exactly how to stain. Click HERE to watch! 

Add some umph With Wallpaper

If you're looking for a fun DIY project and want to give your space some life, wallpapering might be for you! I LOVE wallpaper - I think it's like putting a big piece of art on your wall. There are so many great option for any color, style or look you're going for. Wallpaper is easy to put up with a bit of practice and can be really fun once you get into it! Need help selecting a wallpaper? We have tons of options here at MegMade! Email us at hello@megmade.com and we can help get you started! 

Rethink your bathroom vanity

Sometimes a bathroom just needs a few touchups to look completely different. Painting your bathroom vanity will only take a few hours but will make a world of a difference. You can also make other customizations like adding a metal base, changing out the hardware or re-staining the piece to breathe new life into it. 

Add art to add personality

Gallery walls are such a good way to showcase things that really make your house feel like a home. Whether it's old photos of your family, your kids' art or pieces of art that you LOVE. Creating a gallery wall is a fun way to showcase your memories and family's personality. 

Create art for your collection

We've had tons of clients create their own art. There is tons of beautiful art that can complete your space, but if you're wanting to save some $$$ while also creating a pieces that is uniquely “you” – think about creating your own art for the space! 

ceruse A piece of your wood furniture

If you're looking for something unqiue and different, cerusing a piece of your own can be exactly what you're looking for. Cerusing is a wood finishing technique that involves the application of whiting and rubbing the whiting into the grain of a wood. It adds contrast in order to highlight the beauty of a wood’s grain! This creates a really cool feature that looks great with many different design styles. 

Redo your fireplace

Have a fireplace that just feels tired? Revamp your fireplace! We've worked with clients who have restored their fireplaces in so many different ways, whether it's repainting, adding on to the mantel, or restoring the brick there are so many options to give it a new look! 

Rethink your layout

Sometimes the best way to change up your space is to rethink the furniture you already have in a different format! Changing the layout of the space can make a big difference in making the room feel more open, more efficient and more livable for the ways your family uses it. There are methods to the madness of how furniture is laid out in a home, and it can be tricky! Having trouble? Our team of designers are trained in a system called FloorPlanner and can help you figure out what layout is best for you.

I hope this helped you spark some ideas on how you can rethink your space. DIY not your thing? MegMade services are able to do ALL of these ideas (and we do almost everyday!). Email us at hello@megmade.com for more inquiries on how you can refinish pieces you ALREADY own! 

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