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As Summer is fast approaching (finally!!) here in Chicago, Joe and I are already itching to get outside and start some DIY projects we've wanted to finish. I've talked about it in the blogs before, but there are a few spaces or pieces in our house that could use a full makeover. Until we're able to give it the full attention it deserves, we're going to give it a little bit of a facelift! Our DIY furniture paint is absolutely perfect for giving a space a transformation through the power of paint. Here are five ways you can use our DIY paint this summer to DIY your spaces: 

Give New Life To A Passed Down Piece

We get SO many people that come into the store that have passed down pieces that mean a lot to them but just don't fit their style! I've definitely been there! The awesome thing is, with a little paint and some new hardware you can completely revamp it. It'll bring a whole new life to a piece that means a lot to you and your family but can also be functional and fit with your personality and style!

Update Your Bathroom Vanity

Have a bathroom vanity you don't love? The power of paint is STRONG! DIY your vanity for an extra pop of color, a refresh and overall just a different look. Tape off the countertop and floor and get to work! We've done so many bathroom vanities out of our vintage pieces too. I'll link some of my favorites that we have right now that would be great for a bathroom vanity: 

Revamp You Kid's Dresser Or Nightstands

Especially in your kids' room, it's so easy for things to get beat up in there. Give their dresser or nightstands new life by repainting them using our furniture paint! Kids' rooms are super fun because it's a space that is less intimidating to add fun pops of color. Go for a fun orange, a stiletto pink or whatever color comes to their wildest imagination! If they're anything like my kiddos, they'll be driving toy tractors over it, using it to hold up one side of their fort and whatever else they can think of, so it's ok if it's not perfect! 

DIY A Vase For Your Spring Flowers

Especially now that the weather is nice, I LOVE having fresh flowers around the house. As much as I try to find cute vases (we also have a TON of super cute ones at MegMade right now), sometimes it's fun to DIY your own! Take a vase you haven't used in a while or buy one at your local vintage shop and make a fun activity out of it! It will breathe new life into your space and will be something fun that you can create. 

Give Your Entryway A Fresh Start

Another space that I feel like sometimes gets neglected in the process of a home refresh is your entryway. Refresh your entryway console, shoe rack or whatever you have to welcome you home as soon as you come in! It's the first thing people see when they come into your home, make it yours! Your entryway is another space that you can fun in to really show your personality and style. DIY your piece a fun color and even add some fun wallpaper to really brighten up the space. 

I hope some of these ideas give you inspiration for your next project! Like this blog? Read our other blogs like the ones below: 

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