How to decorate when you have kids

I have been getting asked a lot lately on how I decorate our house while having two little boys.

In my opinion, decorating while having kids is all about balance. I don’t think you need to sacrifice style because you have kids, but I do think that you should make decisions based on them at the same time. I have had so many people come into our store and say I will decorate the house when my kids go to college and I think that is silly. Kids will be kids and they will make a mess, but having a decorated home while having a family is totally feasible.

We have two young boys and a dog and we are strong believers in letting kids be kids. The bathtub is basically brown every night from their constant outdoor activities.  Because of that, some design decisions make themselves. We want furniture that is kid-friendly, inviting for people to put their feet up on, while also dynamic and stylish. We like color and pattern, but are minimalistic at the same time, giving them room to roam.

I have picked up some tips+tricks from decorating my own home with kids as well as other clients homes. I hope these are helpful! I promise that it is worth it to decorate your home well even when the kids are small with sticky fingers because your home should be a sanctuary that you want to come back to.

Choose durable fabric

Fabric has come so far in the last decade and it is making it so much easier for people to decorate a home with kids and pets. I absolutely love using fabric with crypton or sunbrella because it repels just about anything that you can throw at it. It used to be so tough and uncomfortable, but some companies are now making linens with crypton, which is a dream come true!  My favorite companies to buy fabric from with this technology are Perennials and Fabricut. Basically the best invention ever! The fabric on this couch is crypton and it still looks great in our living room.

Choose durable flooring and rugs

This is good for anyone really, whether you have kids, a dog or not. One thing that drives me nuts about our current house is how easily the scratches show on the floors. Choose a medium to lighter wood and a very tough wood as well. They have so many amazing faux wood floors too now that are very durable. When it comes to a rug, I highly suggest getting a wool rug or an indoor/outdoor rug. Our dog is actually the main culprit for messes on our rugs and I have to say our wool rugs have held up remarkably to cleaning. Try to stay away from cottons, silks and viscose- those will ware out very quickly. I have found that oriental/persian rugs work magnificently too as they are super durable and have high pattern so spills just blend in. The rug in our previous dining room was from when my dad worked in the middle east when I was a kid. It hides everything from dog puke to ground in goldfish. It is perfect!

Create kid zones + adult zones

Our kids are allowed anywhere in our house, but it has been key for me to designate areas in our home that have kids toys in them so that it does not feel like they are taking over the whole house. We have their toys in their bedroom and in the play room. They bring them out around the house but at the end of the day, the toys go back to their designated place. I am obsessed with my kids, but I also appreciate having adult spaces too where I am not always stepping on legos.

Only buy furniture that doubles as storage

Cabinets, drawers and baskets are my best friends. Our house is not very big, so every piece we bring into our home needs to have function. I am not someone who likes a lot on the countertop or on top of furniture. I am a bit of a minimalist, so if I can put their toys away either in something or behind something, that makes me super happy and I sleep much much better.

Frame your kids artwork

I love how little kids create abstract art without even knowing it. I love creating a picture collage wall and incorporating one or multiple pieces by my kids. It is a way to keep it looking classy while also making them proud to have their artwork on the wall. I love Wells piece of art on the wall to the side of our dresser. Photo credit: Yellow Brick Home

Keep your breakables high

I learned this the hard way when my son broke one of my favorite ceramic vases. Even though I am a big fan of candles and breakables on coffee tables, we just don’t do it. We have a metal tray, books and fake succulents for now. Our breakables stay high, which is a great and safe place for them.

Ultimately decorating with kids is doable. It may take a bit more thinking through and not getting too attached to things because likely that is the one they will target and break, but it has been worth it for us!

How do you decorate with kids?

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