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Written by: Meg Piercy



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As parents, it seems like we're always at a crossroads between wanting a gorgeous room design but also making sure it's practical for raising kids. With three boys, I have definitely had to make some sacrifices when it comes to my overall vision for a room vs. what actually makes sense. However, you can have your cake and eat it too! Today on the blog, I'm sharing my best tips for decorating a space that looks gorgeous but is also as kid-friendly as possible. Without further ado, here are some ways to show your personality and style in each room design, even when you have kids: 

Invest in Performance Fabrics 

The first way to have your cake and eat it too is to invest in the right fabrics. Fabrics like crypton have come such a long way in terms of how durable they are and how many fun options their fabrics come in! They're a little more expensive, but totally worth the money. It'll save you the countless times someone knocks over a cup or takes to the couch with buttery fingers!

Make It Personal 

Whenever possible, I love trying to incorporate things like pictures, artwork, my kids' favorite books, etc. to use as decor in a design to make it feel more personal and one of a kind to my family! Plus, if it's already out it creates way less of a mess. 

Open Up The Floor Plan 

One thing kids love? Space to run! Whether it's in your living room or playroom - keep an open floor plan to give your little ones a place to play. Making sure to reduce as much clutter as possible is my saving grace when it comes to keeping my spaces pretty open. Especially when you have kids, the less furniture to get the job done the better. 

Look For Closed Storage 

Want to know my secret to keeping my place looking clean? Shoving the boys' toys in some closed storage!! I'm kidding... kind of. At the Piercy household, we have more toys than we know what to do with. The best way I've found to keep the overall space looking nice is to have designated storage that I love that goes with my overall look and is a designated space for the boys' toys. Add a MegMade vintage tallboy to your playroom, opt for a buffet in your family room with lots of storage, etc. to get the job done. 

Opt For Darker Furnishings 

When it comes to heavy traffic rooms, I always opt for darker furnishings. Performance fabrics get you most of the way there, but muddy shoes, buttery hands, and our fur babies still do a number on any fabric! Opt for lighter walls and darker furniture or go with an overall moody theme to allow for small stains to go unnoticed on your darker furniture. 

Choose A Dining Table That Will Age Gracefully 

Another tip I have when choosing designing your kid-friendly home - choose a dining table that will age gracefully. My best recommendation is to opt for a heathered wood table that can withstand scratches and look like it was meant to be there! The important thing is to know that things are going to get banged up - just make sure it's a piece you'll be ok with going through some wear and tear. 

Add As Much Storage As Possible

Wherever you can add storage to try to contain the chaos - do it! I always say that looking at a messy bin is better than looking at a mess on the floor. Adding baskets or other types storage, even if they just sit in an open area, will at least make your space feel like controlled chaos. Once your storage fills up, it will also be a good indication of when it's time to go through and get rid of some old toys! 

Buy Thrifted 

Want a piece that can withstand kids and fur babies? Buy vintage! Vintage is the best option (in all aspects, but especially when you have kids)! Its character and history give its knicks meaning, so it won't matter as much if a few more are put into it compared to brand new furniture. The best thing about vintage? You can still recreate it to completely match your home's personality and style. Repaint it, restain it, add new hardware - the options are endless. 

I hope this helped give you some ideas on how to better design and style your space for not only the kiddos, but you too! Have questions? Email us at hello@megmade.com, and we would be happy to help! If you need interior design help, we'd be happy to take a look!