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Mythbusters About MegMade

Here at MegMade, we are a one-stop-shop on all things interior design. We have clients come in all the time that have questions when it comes to what we do, what our design services include, etc. We wanted to bust the myths that you might have! Here are some of the myths about MegMade that we've heard clients confused by!

MYTH 1:We Only sell vintage furniture

At one point in our Craigslisting days, this was true! In the past 10 years, we have expanded greatly and are now a one-stop-shop for ALL things interior and home design! From customizing vintage furniture to our complimentary design service, we have the ability to fill in any blanks you might have in your home. 

Our offerings include but aren't limited to: 

  • Customizing vintage furniture from our own collection 
  • Customizing customer-owned pieces 
  • Custom upholstery 
  • Custom benches, cushions, etc. 
  • Third-party furnishings (we have tons of great vendors we work with that allow us to source almost anything under the sun!)
  • Custom draperies 
  • Wallpaper 
  • Rugs
  • Lighting (we just built out a lighting departmnet at both stores!) 
  • Decor 
  • & More!

MYTH 2:Custom means more expensive

People tend to associate custom with more expensive. In a lot of situations, that's not the case! We would say our customizable furniture and options are in the same ballpark as other big box furniture stores. What we will say, is that for our price, you're getting a significant quality difference in terms of the longevity of furniture and have way more options when it comes to creating a home that doesn't look like the rest! 

MYTH 3: Complimentary Design means low end

Sometimes complimentary design services seems too good to be true or equates to a different level of communication or professionalism. HOWEVER, that's not the case! We have a team of experienced designers who are excited to work with you and give you the best experience and design possible. Because we are a furniture store, we are able to recoup the service charges that interior design firms typically charge. What we love about our service specifically is you're not getting the same look as your neighbor. We love utilising our custom options, playing with mulitiple styles from different vendors we work with and creating a one-of-a-kind look for your home. 

MYTH 4: I haven't moved in yet, so I don't need to worry about interior design yet

We have so many clients who fall into this category until they meet with us! This is a MYTH! If you have floor plans, are building with a contractor, etc. the timing is way sooner than you think! Building or moving into a new home can be hectic and some of our custom options do take time to come in. We recommend figuring out the big things as soon as possible before you move in (think: you left your original couch with the buyer but now you move in and the couch you love takes 6-8 weeks to come in) and wait to live in the space before choosing some of the smaller things such as pillows and art. 

MYTH 5: Joe is always as happy and high energy as he is on our instagram stories

This is actually true! If you've seen him hopping on our Instagram stories, in the showroom or on our show, Renovation Goldmine, you might think he turns it on the for camera. I can personally debunk that myth – he is ALWAYS on 10 and is MegMade's biggest cheerleader! 

We hope these mythbusters give you a little bit more insight into what working with us at MegMade would look like! Have questions or want to get started on a project with us? Email us at hello@megmade.com!

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