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10 Design Trends We're Predicting For 2024

Written by: Meg Piercy



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Trends come and go, but, especially at MegMade, furniture can last a lifetime (or even multiple – we refinish past down furniture all the time!). How do you make sure what you're buying now you'll like in 20 years? Here are 10 design “trends” that we think we'll see in 2024 that will be in now but also stand the test of time! 

Custom Furniture

Even designers are getting a little burnt out on the cookie-cutter, big box store furniture. This year is the year of custom, meaning customizing the color, size and style of your furniture! Custom furniture is the new wave, it's guanteed to fit your space, look exactly the way you want and be the quality that will stand the test of time! 

Here at MegMade, we offer an ARRAY of custom offerings. 

  • Custom Vintage Furniture 
  • Custom Tables 
  • Custom Bench Seating & Cushions 
  • Custom upholstery &reupholstery 
  • Custom Pillows 
  • Custom Customer-Owned Pieces 
  • Custom Art 
  • Custom Design Services

Statement Pieces

Neutrals were a wave of the past, statement furniture and adding life into your space is the wave of the future! When designing your home, I love centering a design around a focal point. That focal point should be the statement of the space! Whether it's a fun, velvet couch, patterned drapery, a statement rug, or anything in between, this is your sign to go bold and make a statement with your space. If you're thinking of refinishing a piece with us, we have a few bold colors in our in-house selection OR go with any custom color under the sun for an additional fee! 

Earth Tones

Earth tones like deep green, rust, taupe and especially brown will make a huge comeback this year. I've always leaned more brown tones than gray or black, so this is one of the predictions I am most excited for! I see these colors shining through in upholstery, bringing nature indoors, and moody paint colors. 

Performance fabrics

Even if you don't have kids, dogs or even messy significant others, performance fabrics are ALWAYS what I gravitate towards, and I think it will follow me into 2024! Performance fabrics are great because they've been treated to withstand spills, greasy fingers and whatever else life throws your way. They've come a LONG way, and there are tons of great options available. Gone are the days of having to choose between a beautiful fabric and one that is performance! We have tons of great options here at MegMade and would be happy to help you pick the perfect one for your space.

embracing the old with a modern twist

Instead of throwing away your old furniture (or furniture passed down in your family) think of refinishing it and adding a modern twist to fit your new style and space! Furniture (unless they're made custom) are just not made the way they used to, so being able to keep the great bones of an older piece and re-painting, re-staining, changing out the hardware, etc. could be the perfect way to embrace the vintage charm of the piece while adding a modern twist to create something you love! 

Dark Wood

In my opinion, nothing beats a good, perfect brown. Darker woods are timeless and are definitely in for the year of 2024. Incorporate darker wood tones through your flooring, furniture pieces or even decor! 

Plusher seating

For a lot of families, formal living rooms that no one is allowed into are out! Did anyone else's grandma have a front room that the kids weren't allowed into, or was it just me? With that, that means plusher seating and spaces where friends and family can cozy up and spend quality time together is IN. Our upholstery offers a ton of different cushion options. Email us at hello@megmade.com for more information!

Polished nickel

Brass had its day, and now it's time for polished nickel to get the spotlight light it deserves! We just recently renovated our kitchen and went with all polished nickel and Y'ALL it is everything I've dreamed of and more! If you're contemplating – go for it!! 

Eco-Friendly furniture

Another trend I think will be huge in 2024 is focusing more on eco-friendly furniture. Shopping vintage and local truly is so much better for the environment. Between the carbon footprint to get things from overseas and the overconsumption of products, why would we do it when we can reduce and reuse?! At MegMade, we're unique in the fact that we can refinish the pieces we find around the Chicagoland area AND pieces for you that you already own! If you're looking to refinish a piece you already have, we can reuse your piece and make it beautiful OR if you don't have a piece to use, we have hundreds of pieces we've saved from being put in a landfill that we can refinish for you! 

Smaller Scale Patterns

In terms of pattern, small-scale patterns are all the craze right now, and they'll be even bigger in 2024! Whether you're going with a floral, geometric or any pattern in-between, smaller scale pattern can add a new depth to your space that the room may be needing. 

We wish everyone an amazing end to 2023 and an even better 2024! We are so excited to keep helping our clients homes look beautiful, and we're excited to incorporate some of these trends into our designs next year!