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Here at MegMade, we love showcasing timeless looks and styles (with a pop of color anywhere we can, of course). When you create a home design specifically for your family's personality, it never goes out of style. Our mission is to create a home like no other for each family that we come in contact with, so we only work with products and vendors that we believe can achieve that feel! If you're having trouble with your latest product and need some inspiration, I've put together a little list of inspiration to get you going! Here are some of the most popular products and looks that other customers have been loving: 


I'm sure you've heard me say it 100 times, but color is back - & it's here to stay!! A few years ago, neutrals and earth tones filled people's homes, so now they're looking to add pops of color in creative ways like throw pillows, draperies, decor, etc. Looking to add a fun pop of color? Contact us at hello@megmade.com and we can help brainstorm!

The Williams Leather Sofa  

The Williams Leather Sofa is such a sleek design perfect for any room. It comes in either 75" or 90", which is perfect for a cocktail room, living room, or anywhere that you're looking to add a sleek addition to your space. Click HERE to shop the Williams Leather Sofa!

The Ophelia 

We just got an Ophelia on the floor at the showroom and everyone is OBSESSED. The best part about these chairs? You have hundreds of fabric options to choose from with this style chair - perfect for making customizing yours to make it one of a kind. Right now especially, upholstered goods have some pretty crazy lead times. In my opinion though, if you're going to do it right - going custom is the best way to go - and if it's the perfect addition it's worth the wait!! Click HERE to shop the Ophelia, and contact us to coordinate looking through fabric samples!

The Edinburgh and Faro 

These two rugs are our best sellers, and with just one look you can probably tell why! The Edinburgh is versatile and takes on the colors of whatever space you put it in. It comes in tons of sizes, and we actually have a few in stock at the showroom if you're looking to get one ASAP! Click HERE to shop the details of the Edinburgh. As for the Faro, I think it's the perfect pop of statement color that any home needs! Add it in your office, living room, or even your bedroom. It's low pile is so easy to take care of, and its weathered look is perfect for high traffic areas. Click HERE to shop our Faro rug!

Yaha Art 


The fact that everyone is loving Yaha's art so much is so near and dear to my heart. If you don't know the story behind Yaha's art, click HERE to read her amazing story. Not only is it a great message, but MAN that girl can paint! Each piece she creates gets better and better. We're constantly adding new pieces of hers to the website. Click HERE to shop her art collection! 


If you remembered the first launch of our candles, you probably noticed that they've changed a little bit, and I love their new look. The new, sleek design is perfect for any decor design, and I can't get over how dang good they smell! They're always lit at my house, and we have people who buy a dozen at a time here at the store. Stop in-store and get yours today, or shop the details by clicking the link HERE



Wallpaper is another trend that people have been loving that I hope stays for a LONG time. I think people have preconceived notions of what wallpaper is. When they think of it, they think of the old, floral wallpaper that their grandparents used to have all over their house. Wallpaper has evolved so much since then - now it's basically a piece of art on your walls. There are so many fun and fresh designs that can cater towards any personality and style. Interested in adding wallpaper to your space, contact us at hello@megmade.com - we have hundreds of wallpaper designs that we carry & can find one perfect for the look and style you're going for! Interested in the wallpaper in the photo above? That design is one that I created for our MegMade line!! Click HERE to shop. 

Isthmus Art

Our Isthmus art has always been a favorite - and I think anyone can see why! It's perfect for lightening up an otherwise moody, dark room, or complementing a light and airy design in any space. We have a few at the store - which is a miracle because they've been selling out so fast & take months to get in! Click HERE to view the details on the piece and get yours while they're are still some at the showroom!

The Tilda Chandelier 

The Tilda Chandelier is one of my personal favorites, and one that seems to just work in so many different spaces for any design style. We've sold the Tilda for bedrooms (which is where mine is), in entryways, for dining rooms, etc. It comes in a small or larger size depending on the space you want it to go in. Click HERE to shop the small Tilda and HERE to shop the large!

Adler Orange

Like I said, color is in, and if you're looking to DIY a piece of your own, Adler Orange is the perfect paint to make it pop! Our DIY paint in general has been flying off the shelves, which means I hope I've done by job with the tutorials on how to paint a mean dresser! Click HERE to shop our entire DIY Furniture Paint Line. 

I hope this list helped give you some good ideas for the latest and greatest in home design. All the pieces I put together are ones that we get the most questions about, so I figured what better way to show you than to put something like this together! The thing I love about our design style and products is that these items are timeless and can fit into any space. Tag us on Instagram and Facebook with some of your favorite MegMade items & we'll feature you on our stories! 

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