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Old is new again!! We've been saying this for years now, but vintage is coming back, and it's here to stay. The term "grandma chic" is just a fun way of saying that bringing old pieces back to life, whether it's a dresser or an antiqued chair, can bring more energy into your space than ever before. They just don't make furniture like they used to! Especially if the bones are good on a piece, it makes so much sense to repaint or renew an old piece with so much character and history.

The mainstream, monochromatic look has been done so many times before. It's time to try something different! "Grandma chic" isn't the stuffy, floral pattens and formal look you remember from your childhood. With a modern touch, it's the new wave of adding an upscale yet comforting aesthetic to your space. Here are some ways to incorporate this style into your home:

Redo Your Passed Down Furniture 

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You know those pieces that have been passed down in your family that just don't fit your style but you kind of feel like you need to keep them? Now you have a fun project to do! Vintage pieces have so much potential to bring out their once vibrant character, you just need to find it again! Paint the piece, change out the hardware, add a metal base and re-stain it - the options are endless! Looking to DIY? Click HERE to shop our DIY line. Not a DIYer? You're in luck because that's what we do here! Click HERE to learn about our paint and restoration services. 

What You Don't Have - Buy Vintage! 

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If you don't already have a few vintage pieces in mind... go find some! I absolutely love going antiquing or thrifting for new furniture pieces. You can create some of the best looks by renewing things that other people don't want. When Joe and I first started, we would spend hours going to different antique shops to look for furniture to redo. Not just nightstands and dressers, but even things like vintage mirrors, chairs or accessories from thrift stores can be restored to give your space the the "granny chic" style. 

Add Pattern On Pattern 

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One of the biggest way to achieve the look is to mix and layer patterns. Use the same fabric for a lumbar pillow as you do in your drapery, upholster your bed the same pattern as you use as your wallpaper - get fun with it! The thing is, you can really never go wrong. This style embraces the "not a care in the world attitude" - just add patterns that you like with a similar color combination and you're good to go! When I think of a grandma's style I think of someone who is just too old to care what other people think - let's all have that attitude when it comes to how we design our own homes! 

Go Fun With Your Drapery

Source: de gournay instagram

I love doing this with any design, but especially with this style of design, go fun with your drapery! That means using different patterns, fabrics, or whatever your heart desires. The most common that I've seen are toile, chintz, and plaid featured on drapery or really any reupholstery. Add in some trim or beadwork to line the edges for an elevated touch of chic. 

Add In Eclectic Decor

The key to "grandma chic" is to mix vintage with touches of modern or "millennial" styles. I love the idea of adding vintage touches through decor pieces like frames, vases, lamps, etc. from places like thrift shops. Actually, the vase that I painted in our DIY accessory painting tutorial was from Goodwill! Click HERE to check it out! This photo above is the living room in my current house, and I feel like this style was exactly what I was going for when designing this space. Mixing new and old frames, photos and finding fun vintage pieces to incorporate into my gallery wall was the focal point of the room!

Get Moodier

Source: Design by g.p. schafer architect and rita konig | via coco kelly

If you follow our Instagram, you know that I've been into moody rooms this winter - which is the perfect color palette inspiration if you're looking to achieve this style! Especially with older furniture and decor, accentuating their detail with a fun yet cozy color is the way to go. Think: as comforting as your grandma's house but fun and bold enough to be your own. 

Here are some of my favorite moody colors right now to give you inspiration: 

So who's ready to make their home "grandma chic" with me?! I hope this gave you some fun ideas to try out. I've always been drawn to older pieces that I can make brand new (hence, MegMade!!), but there are so many new patterns, textures, and color combinations to achieve the look as well. Of course, go antiquing or thrift shopping if you're feeling inspired! Send us some ways you've embraced the "granny chic" look by tagging us on Instagram and Facebook @MegMade and using our hashtag #findthegold to show how you found the gold in bringing back "old" pieces and making them look brand new!!

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