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Our Kitchen Renovation Reveal

Written by: Meg Piercy



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The Piercy kitchen is FINALLY finished, and we're so excited to show you the final result!! When Joe and I moved into our fixer-upper three years ago, we knew we wanted to do our kitchen, but we wanted to do it RIGHT. When we phased out our home, we wanted to  wait to really live in the space and create a kitchen design that we loved and worked for our family. Waiting for a big project takes a lot of planning and $$, and this kitchen project is so much more than just another project to Joe and I. It's a symbol of our hard work over the last few years to really give our family something beautiful. Now that we are taking on kitchen projects at MegMade, what better way to show off our work than in our own home and the appliances we recommend! Let's walk through the process of our kitchen design and what appliances we chose to make our kitchen next level:


When we moved in to the house we live in now, our kitchen was pretty dated. We knew we would have to wait a little bit of time to do it right, so we started by painting our kitchen cabinets using our MegMade DIY paint. Click HERE to see step-by-step how we did it! The before and after made a huge difference! We used our Earl Green for the lowers and Weldon White for our uppers and updated our hardware for a fresh look. 

I've been dreaming up this project for years now, so the hardest part was deciding what I wanted. It's been so nice to live there for a while and really see how our family uses it as our boys have grown up. We worked with Ferguson Showrooms to help us make our appliances decision even easier. If you're needing help making choices on brands and styles, make an appointment at a showroom near you HERE! The design I came up with is one I LOVE and is so “us”.  Here is the inspiration board of our kitchen!! 

design board & Renderings

Next, our team planned and measured out our kitchen. We designed the cabinets and overall configuration of the kitchen. These cabinets are made locally in Chicago and brought to our production facility to be sprayed in our furniture paint to stand the test of time! Here are a few sneak peek renderings of our final layout: 


During this process, we worked with Ferguson Showroooms to choose our appliances! The staff was amazing to work with and made the process so easy. We've been using these appliances for a few months now while we've been finishing up construction, and we couldn't be happier! 

We ended up choosing the paneled Jennair 40" refridgerator. Shop HERE

We are obsessed with our range and have had the best time making family dinners. We chose the Shop the range HERE!

We also went with the microwave, and also love it! The microwave details are HERE

Interested in booking an appointment at a Ferguson showroom near you? Click HERE to set up an appointment!

We are so excited to be finished with our kitchen project! Stay tuned for even more details where I go through our extra selections! Our next project: The Kids' Bathrooom!

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